The Inventor

• Why can I bring my invention ,which was imaged by myself, to exchange to be Japan car?


• I touch the depression of farmer situation or Thai gardener who are hard working person to make more products but the value is to low rate such rice, corn, rubber and etc. Then bring them to exchange with the foreign high technology. Example, we bring paddy to exchange with foreign car, we lose more paddy around 1,000 Kewiyn and we get 1 car.


• So, I have inspiration to create the invention which have a value, similar with foreign technology, is raised advance electromagnetic wastewater treatment machine. It can suitable exchange with them.

The machine was created by my imagination. Which was not imported from foreign but can sell the machine in other countries as well.


Story of the first wastewater treatment machine (the multi level electromagnetic field)


• If compare from the beginning, to started and created the great electromagnetic magnetic levitation Pool Water Treatment Machine in Thailand. Refer to research on 1992. Dr. Komphet Packamwongsang declared about the memory in the past when had a duty in Bachelor degree at the final year, must to do a interested research.


• Had found that water is the most important in everything and refer to royal speech of King Bhumibol Adulyadej about wastewater problem and continued development to solve or treatment wastewater problem.

It is not just a research at the bachelor degree level, but have to do research more in Master degree until developed to be first model electromagnetic field buoy and test in practical situation.

First Model

in laboratory

at 1992 when was in Bachelor degree at Sinakarinviroj Prasanmit University


First Model

of Electro Magnetic

Fields system at 1997


When 1999 Master degree : Research about separating alumin from urine By using an electromagnetic field

At 1999,

testing Taming Enterprise Co.,ltd.


Old system of Taming Co.,Ltd.

is aeration system

Changing from aeration system to be

electromagnetic field buoy system

•At 2003 – 2010 : Doctorate degree in engineering Electrical Engineering, doing research about Electromagnetic field buoy and making a patent
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On Site
•At 2003 was the beginning of progress to wastewater treatment machine industrial in Multi-level electromagnetic fields such Tank model to Lucky Union Co.,Ltd.
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On site Electromagnetic Fields

•At 2004 was the beginning time to progress about the first wastewater treatment industrial, is Multi-level electromagnetic fields to Minor Food Group Co.,Ltd.
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Multi-Level Electromagnetic

Multi-Level Electromagnetic Fields Float

•At 2014 was the beginning of progress to wastewater treatment machine along the receiving canal and using Balloon electromagnetic fields, to government part
• At 2018 developed wastewater treatment in spider model and did testing for wastewater treatment at Udonthani municipality.

Spider Water  High Speed Electromagnetic Fields Float

• At 2018, developed mobilecar for recycle until finished. The company got the invitation for testing in wastewater treatment before flow to the sea at Krabi province and Aounang area. Then got an opportunity to do a first  project at Krabi province in onsite system treatment water 600 queues per day. 

High Speed Electromagnetic Fields Mobile

Spider Water High Speed Electromagnetic Fields Float( Spider 4.0 ) 
Electromagnetic AI  Robot Model: Created at 2018

The currently inspiration which’s full of changing between human, robot and AI to be Industrial Revolution 4.0, is about technology and internet. That were used and connected by network in Internet of Thing (IoT). Every unit of automatic system and robot were installed in network to able connect and exchange about informations as freedom.


The machine for industrial 4.0 has more an abilities including to working by themselves, flexible and adapt to product activities and conditions. Moreover still has abilities to examine and forecast in advance. This machine in the future is installed for programs of examination and machine health checking for extending about working machine mode that will be the most benefit to product planning and machine evaluation. In other word, the machine is more the genius thing.

The evolution of the wastewater treatment machine